Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Cavemanish Boys - Get A Load Of... ( Munster/Blood Red 2000 )

Straight Dirty Rock n Roll From An Incredible Super Band! Get A Load Of The Cavemanish Boys Folks!!!! Taste It:

"If you like those crazy bands on the ultra-cool Estrus! label, then your wig's gonna pop off when you hear The Cavemanish Boys. The band's name is apparently a take-off on David Bowie's first band, although the sound is entirely different. Although the music on Get A Load Of... is certainly nasty and has a good snarl to it, the band has the good sense to play at a tempo that is appropriate for their music. We've said it before and we'll say it again, speed is cool...but it is power, first and foremost, that really matters in playing loud rock music. The Cavemanish Boys set a mood with their tunes. The rhythms are pure dynamite, the guitars nice and meaty, and the vocals filled to the brim with attitude. The overall sound is sixties in nature, but revved up and powerful enough to really get your panties all pumped up. All the tunes kick...but our top picks are "Remember This Time," "Sunday Street," and "Wide Open Lie." These guys deliver the goods with style. "
(Additional Text From: LMNOP Reviews)


Brandonio! said...

This is a great release Blood Red records is a great label.My favorite songs from these guys would have to be "laughing to keep from crying",without a doubt a classic in my books. The whole album smokes. Yeah i know "laughing"is a cover. I still think this is great band.

punkdeleimon said...

Hello Brandonio! yes this is a great LP. The guys have a past...u know!!!

Anonymous said...

...hmmmm..the singer's so-called attitude sounds sooo manufactured and uninspired....the songs generate no excitement...soooo controlled and planned and really fucking irritating... this needs a healthy dose of reckless abandon and a little more heroin...but at least the boys are off the streets and thats important...say no to no to drugs..

Anonymous said...

Oh! Fuckin hell!
The Comment of the year!!!
Cheers St. mother!

Brandonio! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brandonio! said...

Saint mother o mercy show me the ways to your all knowing musical ways. What mother do you consider great music that inspires you to such divinity? and i got a news flash mom all good songs are planned.

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