Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gravedigger V - All Black & Hairy ( Voxx 1984 )

One Of The Greatest And Most Thrilling Records In Primitive Rock n Roll Ever Made!
Psychotic Vocals, Farfisa Organ And Fuzz Till The End Of The World!! Yeah!!!

Download Link: Gravediger V- Tomorrow Is Yesterday

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Tell Tale Hearts - S/T ( Voxx 1984 )

Debut LP From The Legendary Garage Revivalists In 1984 On Voxx. A Combination Of Primitive Mid-60s Garage Punk With RnB And Blues Influences. A Great taste Of Fuzz!!!

Download Link: The Tell Tale Hearts-Come And Gone

Monday, November 27, 2006

Frantic V - A Long Play With... ( On Stage Records 2004 )

After A couple Of Glorious 7"s On Various Both Greek And International Labels, The Ultimate Kings Of Shake Up North Came Back With Their First Long Player! Its Groovy...!!!

Download Link: Frantic V- Room 409

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jesus & Mary Chain - Barbed Wire Kisses ( WEA 1988 )

If B-Sides Are Always Better, That's The Real Deal. The Most Importand Band Up North Delivers A Complication Of B-sides And Outakes To Blow Your Mind.

Hailing from East Kilbride, Scotland, Jim and William Reid were young, unemployed, and disgusted with the music being released in the early 80s. In 1983 they recorded two-man demos but record companies couldn't care less.

Like the Velvet Underground, their most obvious influence, the chart success of the Jesus and Mary Chain was virtually nonexistent, but their artistic impact was incalculable; quite simply, the British group made the world safe for white noise, orchestrating a sound dense in squalling feedback which served as an inspiration to everyone from My Bloody Valentine to Dinosaur Jr. Though the supporting players drifted in and out of focus, the heart of the Mary Chain remained vocalists and guitarists William and Jim Reid, Scottish-born brothers heavily influenced not only by underground legends like the Velvets and the Stooges but also by the sonic grandeur and pop savvy of Phil Spector and Brian Wilson. In the Jesus and Mary Chain, which the Reids formed outside of Glasgow in 1984 with bassist Douglas Hart and drummer Murray Dalglish (quickly replaced by Bobby Gilespie), these two polarized aesthetics converged; equal parts bubblegum and formless guitar distortion, their sound both celebrated pop conventions and thoroughly subverted them.

In late 1984, the band issued its seminal debut single, "Upside Down," a remarkable blast of live wire feedback anchored by a caveman-like drumbeat; the record made the Mary Chain an overnight sensation in the U.K., as did their nascent live shows, 20-minute sets of confrontational noise (performed with the band's members' backs to the audience) which frequently ended in rioting. The follow-up, "You Trip Me Up," further perfected the formula, and led to their 1985 debut LP Psychocandy which gift-wrapped sweet, simple pop songs in ribbons of droning guitar fuzz. After a two-year layoff (during which time Gillespie exited to form Primal Scream, and was replaced by John Moore), the Jesus and Mary Chain returned with Darklands, a dramatic shift in approach which stripped away the feedback to expose the skeletal guitar pop at the music's core. After a sprawling 1988 collection of singles, B-sides, and demos titled Barbed Wire Kisses, they emerged with Automatic, which introduced a more tightly coiled brand of feedback while jettisoning Moore's live drums in favor of synthesized beats. After another long absence, the Mary Chain (minus Hart) resurfaced in 1992 with Honey's Dead, and earned greater U.S. visibility thanks to a spot on that summer's Lollapalooza lineup; the first single, "Reverence," also won them renewed notoriety at home when Top of the Pops banned the song because of its opening lines, "I wanna die just like Jesus Christ" and "I wanna die just like JFK." With 1994's gentle, largely acoustic Stoned & Dethroned, they even reached the U.S. pop charts thanks to the lovely single "Sometimes Always," a duet with Mazzy Stear's Hope Sandoval. Another collection of scattered sides, The Jesus and Mary Chain Hate Rock 'n' Roll, followed a year later, highlighted by the single "I Hate Rock 'n' Roll," a scabrous swipe which reclaimed the pure noise attack of their earliest work. Moving to Sub Pop, they returned with Munki in 1998. William Reid left the group during the subsequent tour, and in 1999, the Jesus and Mary Chain officially disbanded. ~ (Additional Text: Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide)

Download Link: Jesus & Mary Chain - Upside Down

Friday, November 10, 2006

Dream Syndicate - The Days Of Wine And Roses ( Ruby Records/Slash Records 1982 )

Debut LP And "Paisley Underground" Classic From The Incredible Dream Syndicate.

The Dream Syndicate, formed by guitarists Steve Wynn and Karl Precoda and bassist Kendra Smith, acted as the natural bridge between the Television (and the new wave in general) and the new generation of psychedelic rockers. Their first album, Days Of Wine And Roses (1982), conveyed, more than anything else, the synthesis of Bob Dylan and the Velvet Underground that had been the hidden theme of the new wave. Echoes of the Rolling Stones, the Stooges and the Doors increased the hellish atmospheres of Wynn's confessional trips. While Wynn was lost in his existential panic, Precoda and Smith lifted the music to a majestic level. When Smith left, the "acid" quotient dropped, and the band opted for the quieter jamming of Medicine Show (1984), a presage of the new sound of Out Of The Grey (1986), reminiscent of Neil Young's neurotic country-rock; but Wynn was still the only songwriter capable of making his lyrics bleed. Ghost Stories (1988) closed the semicircle by almost embracing R.E.M.'s folk-rock. The combination of abrasive guitars, dramatic tension and crude realism coined a language that would inspire countless bands of the 1980s. (Additional Text From:

Download Link: Dream Syndicate - The Days Of Wine And Roses

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The A-Bones - The Life Of Riley ( Norton Records 1991 )

"Full blown 50's garage crank filled with more surf than Maui in December, more alligator skin than the finest luggage and more kick than a donkey in heat... tantalizingly horny."

The A-Bones were a Brooklyn-based five-piece that approached the sloppy greatness of rock & roll's past with a beer-addled enthusiasm that had nothing to do with "oldies" or "nostalgia" and everything to do with the primal impulse to play music that's fast, loud, and wild. Named for a tune by the Trashmen, the A-Bones were led by vocalist Billy Miller and drummer Miriam Linna, who previously bashed it out in the Zantees and were also the brains behind wild-assed pop culture journal Kicks and label Norton Records, both of which reflected the same frantic attitude as their band. (Filling out the lineup were Bruce Bennet on guitar, Mike Lewis and later Marcus "The Carcass" Natale on bass, and Lars Espensen on sax.) The A-Bones kicked off their career in 1984, and two years later they released their first record, a 10" EP called Tempo Tantrum, with the album Free Beer for Life! following in 1988. They lent their services as a backing band to such unsung rock & roll legends as Rudy Grayzell, Hasil Adkins, Johnny Powers, Ronnie Dawson, Roy Loney, and Cordel Jackson, released a fistful of singles on various hyper-cool labels, and released five full-length LPs for Norton before finally calling it a day in 1994. The group played occasional reunion shows over the next decade, though, and in 2004 recorded a new tune (with backing vocals from the's) for a 20th anniversary retrospective, Daddy Wants a Cold Beer and Other Million Sellers. (Mark Deming, All Music Guide )

Download Link: The A-Bones-My Dawgy Heap

Friday, November 03, 2006

Stereolab - Refried Ectoplasm ( Duophonic 1995 )

Stereolab are an English-based band whose style, mixing 1950s-1960s pop and lounge music with the "motorik" beat of krautrock, was one of the first to which the term "post-rock" was applied. They are noted for the use of vintage keyboard instruments like Moog synths and Vox and Farfisa organs. Stereolab are also notable for founding their own record label, Duophonic records, with a grant from UK charity The Prince's Trust. The band are often referred to as "The Groop" by their fans (and in the title of their song "The Groop Play Chord X" on the album Space Age Batchelor Pad Music).
They were founded in 1990 by songwriters Tim Gane (guitar, keyboards), formerly of the band Mc Carthy, and Laetitia Sadier (sometimes credited as Seaya Sadier; vocals, keyboards, trombone, guitar), who is from France and sings in both English and French.
Combining an inclination for melodic '60s pop with an art rock aesthetic borrowed from Krautrock bands like Faust and Neu!, Stereolab were one of the most influential alternative bands of the '90s. Led by Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier, Stereolab either legitimized forms of music that were on the fringe of rock, or brought attention to strands of pop music — bossa nova, lounge-pop, movie soundtracks — that were traditionally banished from the rock lineage. The group's trademark sound — a droning, hypnotic rhythm track overlaid with melodic, mesmerizing singsong vocals, often sung in French and often promoting revolutionary, Marxist politics — was deceptively simple, providing the basis for a wide array of stylistic experiments over the course of their prolific career. Throughout it all, Stereolab relied heavily on forgotten methods of recording, whether it was analog synthesizers and electronics or a fondness for hi-fi test records, without ever sinking to the level of kitsch.

Download Link: Stereolab-Tempter

Monday, October 23, 2006

v.a Flaming Burnout-Estrus Benefit Complication ( Man's Ruin 1997 )

29 Track Explosive Compilation To Benefit Estrus Records Owner David Crider After His Warehouse Burnt Down. This Is A Who's Who Of Current "Cool" Garage Ravers Frontline!!!
Contributions Here By The Cheater Slicks, The Fleshtones, The Makers, Lord High Fixers, The Satan's Pilgrims, The Nomads, Electric frankenstein And many Others.

Download Link: Monomen-Behind bars


Thursday, October 19, 2006

New York Dolls - S/T ( Mercury Records 1973 )

Classic Proto-Punk Debut From New York "Transvestites"! The original "Over The Edge" Rock n Roll.

The New York Dolls are a rock band formed in New York City in 1971.
They found little success during their existence, but the New York Dolls prefigured much of what was to come in the punk rock era and even later; the Dolls' over-the-top crossdressing influenced the look of many glam metal groups, and their shambling, sloppy but highly energetic playing style set the tone for many later rock and roll bands.
They got their big break when Rod Steward invited them to open for him at a London concert. Shortly thereafter, Murcia died of accidental suffocation (after he passed out from drugs and alcohol, groupies put him in a cold bath and forced coffee down his throat). He was succeeded by Jerry Nolan, though future Richard Hell and Ramones drummer Marc Bell (Marky Ramone) later claimed he auditioned to take Murcia's place.
The band was influenced by vintage rhythm and blues, the early Rolling Stones, classic American girl group songs, and anarchic post-psychedelic bands such as the MC 5 and the Stooges, as well as then-current glam rockers such as Mark Bolan and David Bowie. They did it their own way, creating something which critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote "doesn't really sound like anything that came before it. It's hard rock with a self-conscious wit, a celebration of camp and kitch that retains a menacing, malevolent edge."
Johansen's energy made up for what was then a not-too-strong voice; Thunders's fuzzy guitar sound became a near-instant band trademark, as did Sylvain's minimalistic rhythm guitar, Arthur's bouncing basslines and Nolan's tom tom-heavy drumming style. Sartorially, the Dolls looked like a Halloween party gang of transvestites who had broken into the Rolling Stones' and Marc Bolan's wardrobe trunks and made it even more androgynously exaggerated. Musically, their repertoire---mostly written by Johansen (he spelled his name JoHansen at the time) and Thunders, occasionally by Johansen and Sylvain---was a series of unapologetically high-energy, demimonde expressions of the seamy New York underground from which they emerged, particularly through their legendary shows at the Mercer Arts Center. Songs like "Personality Crisis," "Trash," "Frankenstein," and "Jet Boy" were seminal squalls of guitar abuse, making up in attitude what they lacked in musical ability. But for all their squall the Dolls didn't entirely lack for subtlety; "Subway Train," for one, was as striking a piece of songwriting and even musicianship as the band could execute.
Those and six others (including a speedballing cover of Bo Diddleys "Pills") turned up on their eponymous debut album, 1973's New York Dolls, on the Mercury label. Produced by Todd Rundgren, some critics think he laid too dense a hand on the band's raw thrust while others think he gave them precisely the guidance they needed to let the best of their singular snarl step forth. The album received mostly positive reviews, but sales were sluggish. In any case, a Stereo Review magazine reviewer in 1973 compared the Dolls' guitar playing to lawnmowers!

Download Link: New York Dolls - Lookin For A Kiss

Friday, October 13, 2006

New Christs - Distemper ( Blue Mosque 1989 )

The Australian Super Group Classic In 1989. Snippy And Wandering Rock n Roll Energy!!!

The New Christs were originally formed by Radio Birdman and New Race vocalist Rob Younger after he was offered the support spot on Iggy Pop's Australian tour of 1984. The other members had played in groups such as Celibate Rifles, Lime Spiders and Hoodoo Gurus. The tour proved a success and the band stayed together, recording the two singles Like A Curse and Born Out Of Time for Sydney independent label Citadel Records. These releases gained universal acclaim for their tough and uncompromising nature. With the prospect of an album deal and European tour, the other members instead chose to return to their former interests. Younger was left to pursue a career producing some of the finest upcoming Australian alternative bands.
In 1986 Barracudas bass player Jim Dickson returned to Australia from the UK and together with Younger started a new line-up. Featured were Charlie Owen, a gifted but as yet unknown guitarist and drummer Louis Burdett who soon left to be replaced by Nick Fisher who had played with Ed Kuepper and Wet Taxis. This line-up released a series of hard hitting singles black hole, headin south, another sin and the EP Dropping Like Flies. These tracks were compiled under the title Divine Rites, whose European release allowed the group to tour there for the first time.
With the release of their 1989 debut album Distemper, through Citadel offshoot Blue Mosque, the band received glowing reviews and were at last played on national Australian radio. Healthy sales resulted. Better still a swelling demand in Europe saw the album released in all EC territories. A four month tour was embarked upon but sadly, as internal friction took its toll, the band dissolved. Apart from a final short tour of Australia supporting The Ramones, this awesome line-up never again resurfaced.

New Christs - Another Sin

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Creeps - Enjoy The Creeps (Tracks On Wax 1986)

Classic Swedish Garage Punk Stormer From The Creeps Debut In 1986!!!

Ever since the release of the 1972Nuggets: Original Artyfacts comp there have been bands like the Creeps, and most likely there always will be. The Swedish retro act aims squarely at mid-'60s garage rock, aping the bands that aped the yardbirds, but thanks to inspired playing and inventive arrangements, they succeed in adding to the tradition rather than just running in place. Recorded with period-appropriate atmosphere (i.e. a thick, dirty echo), the Creeps bang out nine originals that channel the Animals and Them, delivered with power and precision. "Down at the Nightclub" leads off Enjoy the Creeps with a stiff swing and a booze-positive philosophy, then breaks down with a jazzy piano coda. Other highlights include the lascivious "Hi, Hi, Pretty Girl," the Farfisa-driven instrumental "Rattlesnake Shake," and the frantic drum rolls and fuzz solo on "Ain't No Square." A medley of Sonics covers ("Maintaining My Cool" and "I'm A Rolling Stone") is reverent and energetic, but won't change anyone's mind about the wild, rambunctious Northwest originals. In fact, the only thing missing on Enjoy the Creeps is a sense of true abandon, that apocalyptic spark that makes the most primitive, boneheaded garage bands like the Count Five or the Seeds so eternal. The Creeps are musicians, not punks, and while there's no lack of get-down vitality to their sound, they won't take the listener anywhere except the dancefloor. However, their pugnacious take of the obscure, middle-finger anthem "City of People" seethes with defiance ("Baby don't you mess with me/Cuz you know you could never bring me down/Hey Hey Hey!"), equaling the sneer of the original 1966 Illutions single, and nearly matching Fireworks' vicious 1995 rewrite as "City of Assholes." Garage rock revivalists will find lots to move to on Enjoy the Creeps, but the band didn't stay tied down to their nostalgic muse for long. The Creeps modified their sound in later years, taking on more modern elements with soul/funk textures that earned them a Swedish Grammy, and a big hit in their homeland with "Ooh, I Like It" in 1990. (Additional text:Fred Beldin, All Music Guide )