Friday, May 18, 2007

The Sid Presley Experience - Cold Turkey ( SPE Records 1984 )/ Public Enemy No1 ( ID 1984 )

The Sid Presley Experience was the dominating precursor of the Godfathers. SPE lasted from 1984 (maybe even before) thru 1985, and released two EPs before the band imploded from its own power. A four piece, the band consisted of Peter and Chris Coyne, Del Bartle on guitar, and Kev Murphy on drums. After the breakup Del and Kev formed the Unholy Trinity, which had a 1985 release. They came To Save English Rock n Roll From Boredom back In The Mid 80s. They Did Not Do The Miracle But They Offered Some Great Moments In An Original British Rock n Roll Style And Sound Both As SPE And Godfathers Afterwards.
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