Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Morlocks - Emerge ( Midnight 1985 )

Unbeknownst to H.G. Wells (author of The Time Machine), Morlocks are not only "carniverous beasts" who dwell underground, but they're also time travelers of the New Age. Open up your mind to the rhythmic, pulsating, enthralling sound of The Morlocks and you too will travel through time... to the past; when '60s GO GO clubs in London's Carnaby Street and psychedelic discotheques of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district were the place to be... To the future; envision places and people unwitnessed by time and seen by a select few... where motion, sight and sound over-ride all of one's senses and catapults the conscious mind into the dream world of the unconscious self.
The Morlocks' unique synthesis of outward teen innocence and inward spiritual/mystical vision results in multi-dimensional musical composition and explosive live performances. Feel the tempestuous magnetism of The Morlocks as they emerge from their underground habitat, expose the sights and sounds that will send your mind freely reeling to places it's never seen before, or has long since forgotten.
The Morlocks were conceived in late August 1984 when bassist Jeff Lucas, guitarist Tom Clarke and drummer Mark Mullen succeeded in recruiting vocalist Leighton Koizumi and guitarist Ted Friedman (both former members of Voxx recording artists The Gravedigger Five) to form a raving band influenced by '60s punk and psychedelia. The group immediately embarked on an intense and ambitious rehearsal schedule; within weeks they were ready to rant 'n rave live on stage. The Morlocks played their first club gig in September at The Rave-Up in Los Angeles; they received two recording offers the same night, and shortly thereafter signed a deal with Midnight Records of New York City. Their debut mini-LP Emerge was recorded in December of that year, to be released in the spring of 1985."
(From Bomp records Site)
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