Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Naz Nomad & The Nightmares - Give Daddy The Knife Cindy ( Dionysus Records 1984 )

Naz Nomad and The Nighmares was a one-off project featuring the members of British punk band The damned.Naz Nomad and The Nightmares released one album entitled "Give Daddy The Knife, Cindy" in 1984. The album was packaged to look like the re-issue of a 1967 soundtrack album to a (ficticious) low budget American horror film. A copyright notice on the front cover claims the film was "Copyright 1967 American Screen Destiny Pictures", and credits are given for the film's stars, director and producer.
The album itself features covers of songs by garage rock and psychedelic acts who had influenced the Damned, plus two original numbers in the same style. Each member of the band took on pseudonyms different from those used in The Damned for the project.

"Nobody But Me" - (the human beinz cover)
"Action Woman" - (The Litter cover)
"The Wind Blows Your Hair" - (the seeds cover)
"Kicks" - (paul revere and the raiders cover)
"Cold Turkey" - (big boy pete cover)
"She Lied" - (the bittersweett cover)
"I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)" - (the electric prunes cover)
"The Trip" - (kim fowley cover)
"I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye" - (Others cover)
"I Can Only Give You Everything" - (Them cover)
"(Do You Know) I Know"
"Just Call Me Sky"


Anonymous said...

cheers for this posting.i had the pleasure of seeing them live at the town and country club in london several years ago supporting 'the damned'!!!i remember thinking that the singer looked like dave vanian wearing a blonde wig and glasses!
thanks again

Anonymous said...

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punkdeleimon said...

its a bit old post.

Sarah said...

many thanks! much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I saw these guys in Finsbury Park in 1987 at a rip off festival called Acid Daze. All our booze and drugs were with Caroline and Nick and we got in to the festival first, Caroline and Nick consumed all the booze and drugs because they were not letting you in with anything. We were stone cold sober Caroline and Nick high as kites and Naz Momad were the high light of the day, a really great performance, ending with them setting their eqioment alight on stage. Fucking Far Out!

Sage said...

I caught them at the T&C as well, cracking gig as I dimly recall and very hectic at the front.

Don't know if I coould hack it now but would still give it a go.

Sage said...

I saw them at the T&C too, it was a cracking gig as I dimly recall and very lively down the front.

Don't know if my old bones could hack it now but would give it a go.