Saturday, September 22, 2007

v.a Doing It For The Kids ( Creation 1988 )

The days before the "life-style carnival" of the so called "Brit Pop" were the most fertile and creative both for UK indies in general and creation records in particular. This 1988 complication proves the point. Sonic adventures with identity! Artists included: My Bloody Valentine, Momus, Primal Scream, Heidi berry (check this out!!!), The House Of Love, Nikki Sudden, The Weather prophets, Biff Bang Pow, The Jasmine Minks, Felt, Jazz Butcher, The Times. Pacific, Emily and Razorcuts.


indictos said...


Αυτό και το Pillows and prayers ίσως να είναι οι καλύτερες συλλογές της Εγγλέζικης ποπ.

punkdeleimon said...

den exeis adiko, etoimazw kai to pillows. auto eidika einai ekplhktiko!

keep in touch indictos!!!

Euri RheX said...

symfwnw apolytws paidia...
ta vinylia ta exw liwsei
alla exw xronia na ta akousw.

sygxarhthria kai kalh synexeia !!

Redthumbs said...

hi, abychance of uploading this on mediafire instead? cheers! have a good one.