Monday, September 24, 2007

The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms ( Stiff 1980 )

Highly Influencial But Mostly Ignored At The Time Released, The Sublime Debut By The Feelies!
Even though their output isn't quite as consistently amazing as I'd like, at their peak (spread over two albums over a decade apart) The Feelies were one of the greatest bands you never heard. Even though the credit nowadays seems to go entirely to bands like R.E.M., Hüsker Dü and - perhaps - The Replacements, there were several bands on that second tier that also made their mark on the evolution of underground American rock in the 80's and beyond. Greg Sage and The Wipers paved the way for a more abrasive punk/rock-fusion that replaced a creed of destruction with worshipping at the altar of the guitar, the feedback-drenched work-outs of The Dream Syndicate reminded people of the importance of The Velvet Underground while the band also helped creating alt country on later efforts, but perhaps most influential were The Feelies, whose image (and this album cover?) predated Weezer and whose music, in one way or another, shaped almost a whole generation of bands. Their ultra-thin jangle-sound - a more playful, caffeine-tight version of Television's noir epics - definitely was an influence on R.E.M. (Peter Buck would produce the band's second effort), The dB's and many of the folk-rock bands copping ideas from The Byrds, The Velvet Underground and their offspring. Their nerdiness combined that of The Modern Lovers with Devo's (and was taken to another level by The Violent Femmes), while their knack for nervous, jittery sounds and rhythms sometimes recalled Wire, The Talking Heads and the more straightforward Krautrock albums (on this album at least). (Additional Text:


indictos said...

Άλλη δισκάρα.

Τα Loveless Love και Moscow Nights τα έχω λιώσει στο βινύλιο λέμε.

Να ΄σαι καλά ρε φίλε.

punkdeleimon said...

Thanx indictos!!

jeffen said...

Great posts (Cool Grusomes stuff)

You're linked at:

punkdeleimon said...

Hello To canada Once Again!!!
Why music ruined your life mate?

Nice blog!!

Anonymous said...

2 Albums 1 decade apart?
1980= Crazy Rhythms
1986= The Good Earth
1988= Only Life
1991= Time for a witness
4 albums over 11 years
Also, you should REALLY plug Glenn Mercer's new album Wheels in Motion and Wild Carnation (Brenda Sauter's band) Superbus.

Anonymous said...

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