Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Miracle Workers - Moxies Revenge ( Get Hip 1989 )

Moxies revenge supplemented the most primitive period with outtakes and unreleased recordings Of Portland Fuzz Giants. Irresistible Stuff!!!
As the Pacific Northwest entry in garage-rock's second coming, Portland, Oregon's Miracle Workers looked no further than their own backyard for initial inspiration. Rather than the more psychedelic meanderings of their peers, the original five-piece lineup stomped and snarled through layers of fuzz much like local deities the Sonics and the Wailers. Both of the Miracle Workers' early EPs boast a heartening percentage of originals — not a majority, mind you, but they were playing to an audience that considered the use of strings manufactured after '66 heretical — that easily outstrip the group's covers in both songwriting and energy. Tracks from each (as well as a slew of previously unreleased treasures) are collected on Moxie's Revenge.
(Additional Text From: Trouser Press)


Anonymous said...

great post !! I already have this on cd but I urge anybody into swaggering 60's style punk to listen to this - top notch!!!

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new blog:
garage trash rock & roll, surf etc


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alex said...

this was the first album I owned by these monsters. It just rocks hard. really hard!

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Hello Devil & alex!

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way cool!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice comments re: "Moxies Revenge". Danny and I put it together and Greg at Get Hip went all out for the record, even releasing a 45.

This was what we sounded like, ca. 1983-1984. There are no overdubs and the recordings are essentially rehearsal tapes, recorded on Danny's Tascam 4 track cassette recorder.

Danny and I took the cassette recordings to a real studio and with the engineer, did the best we could to come up with a good master for Get Hip.

This is pretty much what we really sounded like.

FYI - If you can find it, get the Miracle Workers "Live at the Forum CD". I had left the band, so have no dog in the fight. This was recorded in Berlin ca. 1986, and I highly recommend it.

Joel Barnett

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