Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Telescopes - Taste ( What Goes On 1989 )

THE Telescopes are rock'n' roll and the artifice of noise. After the lilting meander of "...And Let Me Drift Away", which opens "Taste", I think l anticpated the eruption of "I Fall, She Screams", just a split-second before it happened. Yes, it is kind of a cheap trick, but this is the sort of wilful petulance at which The Telescopes excel at. They love to momentarily affect stances of poised insensibility in order to imediately shatter the illusion with animalistic abandon; crawling on the ground, howling, belting-out great towering walls of glutinous mest "Silent Water" is as passive as The Telescopes' outlook gets. Of course it's a screeching, whining ache of a song, but Lawrie is at the end of his tether, exhausted, and yearning to "slip below the surface". About the most positive The Telescopes get is "Please, Before You Go". Here Lawrie admits to being "on top of a mountain with you, I'm an elevator, I'm a seahorse for you now". More commonly another person is just another route to oblivion. 'Your kiss intoxicates me," a in "Threadbare'; is both a complaint and a compliment. "Suicide" is the most predictable, most appropriate title on the album, and the only possible way to end. Piling up monstrously, "Suicide" swells out into this gross, sprawling beast which finafly slumps inanimate-too f**ed to move- emitting an endless, throbbing howl. On and on, past patience and endurance it continues to moan,before eventually hitting the inevitable (but Christ it had to be there!) locked grnove. I'm taken back to the paradoxical conclusion of "Anticipating Nowhere": "Never ending has to stop, but when you stop it lasts forever." The rest is silence.
(Text from: Melody Maker 1989)


revolver said...

there is a riot going on, and you are posting albums!
wake up, and post something nice from the greek riots, for as the people outside greece can see some banks burn!
wake uppppppppppppppppppp

punkdeleimon said...

this type of blog is a revolutionary statement by itself

robby said...

Thanks for The Telescopes posts. I bought this album when first released in 1989 and I found it a bit unlistenable I admit. Though I now appreciatte it a bit more. Cheers ;-)

sweetbeats™ said...

Seen these a few times cool album..still got my a few singles too cheers Jason

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