Monday, December 22, 2008

The Go - Watcha Doin' ( Sub Pop 1999)

A tribute to the legendary "The Invisible Man" blog (out of garage since 2007) with the last record posted there! (Links still working i think)

The Go's debut album Whatcha Doin' introduces the Detroit group's aggressive, authentic update of late-'60s garage rock. Songs like the snarling "Meet Me at the Movies" and the blissed-out "Summer Sun Blues" display the group's fuzzy, driving guitars, half-shouted, half-sung vocals, and swaggering beats, while the poppier "It Might Be Good" and the "Get Off of My Cloud"-esque "You Can Get High" add another dimension to the Go's straight-up rock sound. Whatcha Doin's final song "Time for Moon" is one of the album's best, combining a primal beat with dashes of backwards guitar and raw vocals. Though the occasionally muddy sound of the album takes the Go's quest for '60s-style authenticity a bit too far and fails to capture the group's live energy, Whatcha Doin' is a good introduction to one of the Motor City's most explosive bands.
(Additional Text from: All Music Guide)


Anonymous said...

LOVE this album!!! The GO are still my favorite band in the world, and one of the BEST live bands I've ever seen, (being from Detroit, I've seen them MANY, MANY times!!!). The vinyl version has a song not available on the CD version called "Hesitation", kind of revved up Chuck Berry like rocker that just kills!!! Find it if you can!!! Also search for their legendary "Unreleased" Sub Pop album, Free Electricity!! Their best as far as I'm concerned!!!

punkdeleimon said...

Thanx for your comment mate!
Greedings to Detroit!!

Carlos Fernando said...

muchas gracias por los discos de las headcoutees, por favor, si puedes sube discos de shanon knife, gracias

Fuzz said...

Yeah! Happy new year!
και ο αηβασιλης να σου φερει 2 mk-ii με μια χιλιαδα garage singles

punkdeleimon said...

happy new year guys!!

Roger Camden said...

great record

jack white was in The Go during this album
his contributions are noticable if you listen for them
he does some backing vocals and lots of guitar parts

Anonymous said...

My dad (!) and I went to see Wayne Kramer circa '99 at the Magic Stick. The Go opened up and were hot. My dad really liked them, too. The White Stripes were terrible that night, and almost everyone left the room at that point. Although I like the subsequent WS CDs, they were really, really bad in person.