Sunday, June 15, 2008

v.a BLOW UP Presents: Exclusive Blend Vol. 2 ( Blow Up 1997)

Second instalment from the the legendary Blow Up Exclusive Blend Series!!!

Incredibly groovy -- and a monster batch of sound library tunes! The set's the second in a series put together by the Brit Easy masterminds at the Blow Up offices -- and it mines through further grooves from the KPM catalog, as well as other tracks from DeWolfe, Amphonic, and Sylvester imprints. The set's filled with smoking Hammond grooves, hard drums, fuzzy guitar, and loads of other wonderful instrumental touches -- and the quality of the material is excellent, as these cuts were put together by some of the finest musicians working in the London studio scene! Musicians include Claudio Vasori, Keith Mansfield, James Clarke, and Alan Moorhouse -- and tracks include the massive breakbeat classic "Soul Skimmer", plus "Lucky Seven", "Close Shave", "Underlay No 3", "New Project", "This Way Up", "Second Cut", and "Funky Fanfare


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Cheers evilnim!!!