Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Urges - Psych Ward ( Screaming Apple 2007 )

Debut LP and an ultra cool dynamite from the Irish Garage Punk Hellraisers The Urges!!! Unbeatable!!!
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Born out of suburban frustration The Urges started out in a damp Dublin garage in late 2004. With little or no musical knowledge they set out to write nothing but raw stripped down rock 'n' roll. Since then they have enjoyed the success of their debut single '(Around &) Around Again' which topped the Irish charts in the summer of 2005 and have played along side many big named bands such as The Zutons, The La's, Wild Billy Childish, Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene, The Buzzcocks, Babyshambles, Kulashaker and just about every major garage band since the 60's (The Electric Prunes, The Remains, The Cynics, The Pretty Things). They have been included on a number of compilations with the likes of The Hives, 5678's, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Chesterfield Kings & have spent the last year playing festivals throughout Europe including Oxygen (David Bowie, The Strokes, P.J. Harvey, The Kings of Leon) and the notorious Primitive Festival in Rotterdam, Holland (Von Bondies, The Mighty Ceasars, The Chesterfield Kings) The Urges sound can be traced as far back as the mid 60's where primal fuzztone and psychedelic organ kicked of real rock 'n' roll - all the way up to the present day where indie garage rock could not be a more domineering musical force. When it comes to live shows The Urges don't resort to filling a set with pagiarized riffs & shoe gazing, their performances are both primal & chaotic emanating a threat of violence which makes the men stand back & makes the girls step forward! The Urges effortlessly drift in and out of different timings & melodies but constantly maintain an authentic yet primitive sound which always leaves the crowd crying for more. Having spent the last two years honing their sound The Urges have managed to capture this on their debut album. A new generation of teenage psych-punk bands is hitting the scene these days and the leaders of this movement are without any doubt the amazing Urges, which 'Psych ward' proves impressively. They can be best described as the missing link between those old titans of the 60's, such as the Music Machine, the Seeds and the Electric Prunes and the 'Paisley Underground' of the 80's with bands like the Morlocks, Fuzztones and Miracle Workers. In fuzz we trust!!! The vinyl comes in a lim. edition of 700 Copies. A CD Version of the album will be out the same date on the way cool australian OFF THE HIP label. (Additional Text from : Soundflat)


Anonymous said...

Album génial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ces Irlandais sont des "Grands"
bravo pour ce choix !!!!!!!!!

punkdeleimon said...

hello Thierry, Yes fuckin great stuff for these Irish nutters!
Thats what i call Garage Punk of today (and always)!!!

Anonymous said...

Please IMMEDIATELY remove this from your blog! My friend Ritchie from Screaming Apple released this and I'm sure he (as a poor indie label) needs every support he can get and definitely NOT free downloads of his album.

punkdeleimon said...

no problem whoever you are mr. anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Like I said, I'm a friend of Ritchie, the label owner of Screaming Apple. I was writing on behalf of him and he knows that I wrote the comments. I don't know why you need my name, but it's Michael if it helps you!
But thanks for removin it! I like that way of dealin' with downloads. Offer it as long as no one is complaining, and remove it when someone does. That way you are supporting small labels, which helps keeping indie music alive. Thanks again! Honestly!

Edorf said...

I'm gonna see these guys live in Oslo in a couple of weeks.

Edorf said...

....and by the way. I bought the lp from the screaming apple stand at the Primitive festival.

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