Friday, June 22, 2007

Minutemen - Joy 7'' ( New Alliance Records 1981 )

Pioneer US Hardcore Punkers On Their Second Explosive 7 Inch In 1981!
San Pedro, California's greatest musical export clearly understood the concept of brevity. The trio's albums and EPs pack an astonishing number of songs, most of which (on the early releases, at least) clock in at under a minute. In that brief time, they took apart rock, jazz and funk and put the pieces back together in a jagged collage. Although the Minutemen refused to write verses and choruses, based on their belief that rock'n'roll as we know it is a lethargic dinosaur, each of their songs is a satisfying composition.
The Minutemen saga began in 1980 as a four-piece called the Reactionaries that played regular-length songs. Later that year, they slimmed down (numerically speaking) and adopted their new name and radical modus operandi. They stuck to that twisted idea of dada with a groove until the end, and with one out-of-chronology exception, their records kept getting more ambitious and better.
(Trousers Press)


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