Monday, June 18, 2007

Clinic - Visitations ( Domino 2006 )

Clinic From Liverpool Seems To Listen To All The Right Records. They Deliver One Of The Best Dark And Modern Psych Garage Rock LPs In 2006. Great Sound!!!
Thankfully, their pounding, primitive voodoo cavepunk sound doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel to be successful, and Visitations proves it. From the opening notes of “Family,” the chugging, fuzzy rhythms and slightly menacing voice sound familiar, the riffs sliding over the din to create Venusian garage rock of the highest order. “Animal Human” is slow and creepy, led by a spare arrangement, zinging autoharp, and booming chimes. The addition of a wah-wah guitar doesn’t necessarily make it sound any less like Clinic, but the few new wrinkles here are welcome. Lead single “Harvest” bounces around to a hip-hop-derived tom-tom beat and skittering guitar scrapings before a shining organ washes color into the mix. Whereas its predecessor suffered from songs that sounded like they were dashed off in the car on the way to the studio, Visitations boasts well-crafted, smartly arranged tracks throughout.
( From Stylus magazine)


Anonymous said...

good stuff, thanks for sharing.

andernee said...

really good stuff!