Saturday, January 06, 2007

v.a Shakin' In Athens (The Story Of The 60s Rock n Roll Underground) ( Sound Stories 2002)

Superb Collection With Rare Tracks Of 60s Rock n Roll Bands From Greece. That's The "innocent " Period Of Local Rock n Roll Scene With Bands LIke The Idols, Zoo, Charms And Other Legends Of The TIme.


16Forever said...

Αν σου ειναι ευκολο μπορεις να παρεθεσεις το tracklist του εν λογω album?
Ευχαριστω !

punkdeleimon said...

nai vevaia, tha ginei se ligo

punkdeleimon said...

1. knacks-devil dog
2. zoo-go
3. idols-wanted by the law
4. crowns-ypu are my only love
5. idols-he's the one
6. new hopes-i found a love
7. bluebirds-just remenber
8. vikings-i'm trying
9. olympians-hopeless endeless ways
10. zoo-six miles from the cage
11. juniors-miss blue jeans
12. phoenix-senzamore
13. nelli manou-crazy girl
14. bluebirds-sweet polly
15. charms-it's my life

mallon prepei na lipei ena kommati

16Forever said...

γεια σου !

βρηκα ολοκληρο το album σε ενα p2p!15 κομματια κατεβασα και γω!

Ευχαριστω παντως :-)

Anonymous said...

Nai paidia leipei to
13. Uptight - I Love You

Anonymous said...

exei anevei sto :

Grohopuk said...

For exei anevei sto :'%20in%20Athens&qscrl=1

8)))))) !!!!