Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hefner - Breaking God's Heart ( Too Pure 1998 )

One Of The Best Debuts Recorded By An English Band In The Late 90s. A Hymn To Eternal teenage hearts!!

Hefner began as a live band in 1995 and, after several line up changes, became a solo project of Darren hayman. In 1996 he recorded a tape for Sticky Records (named The devotion Chamber) on which all instruments were played by Darren himself. His friend from art school, Antony harding, assisted, providing backing vocals.
The band's first release was in April of 1997 when the 7" single "A Better Friend" was released by Boogle Wonderland. The single featured Antony on drums and John morrison (from Rhatigan) on bass. Shortly after the release, the record label Too pure offered a record deal to Darren, who extended the offer to Antony and John.
After a few more singles, Hefner recorded their debut album Breaking God's heart. A lo fidelity album primarily recorded in one take, Hayman has declared that this album is the one he is least interested in listening to, due to its unrealized potential. (Additional Text: Wikipedia/Hefner)

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