Friday, September 08, 2006

DMZ-s/t (Sire 1978)

Underground Classic Of The Era, The Deput LP From The Original Boston Proto-Punk Weirdos.

DMZ formed in Boston in 1975, and were among the first bands to attempt to fuse the two sounds, melding Detroit guitar riffs with Farfisa organ and ’60s covers. Like the Ramones, they wanted to have it both ways. They craved hooks that were as plain and unlabored as mid-’60s AM radio, but they wanted to out-loud the arena rock that was starting to dominate the FM band.
They split in 1978, essentially due to misunderstanding or relative un-succes of their first LP. Lyres was then the continuation in the same musical logic.some of the paradoxes is that more records have been issued after the split than before

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