Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dead Boys-Young Loud And Snotty ( Sire 1977)

Debut LP From The Wildest Men Of American Rock n Roll. Stiv Bators And His Gang Come Out From The Crypt With A Nihilistic Attitude To Destroy Everything, Even Themselves.
A U.S Early Punk N Roll Classic!!!

From the depths of industrial Cleveland the Dead Boys found infamy on the New York scene around the club CBGB's. Led by their irrepressible Iggy aping lead singer Stiv Bators, the Dead Boys merged the UK punk look with a tough US street punk sound and nihilistic lyrics at odds with the artier sounds of Television and Patti Smith and gave high octane performances to boot.
The crowds loved them and they lived the punk image to the full with ever more outrageous stunts onstage. However, like The Ramones, they suffered from the Punk tag they lived up to and achieved poor record sales both from their debut Young Loud & Snotty and their second album, the poppier more commercial, We Have Cum For Your Children. The Dead Boys slit up in 1980.
Some lay the roots of US hardcore at The Dead Boys door. Whatever you think of them the band that gave us the eternal punk classic Sonic Reducer can never be ignored.

the Dead Boys' first album, "Young Loud And Snotty" was released in 1977. It was one of the earliest punk albums released on a US label and still is maybe one of America's rawest rock records. The album - which was recorded in four days - was produced by Genya Ravan, who made it loud and raw. She encapsulated the anarchic, pile-driving, punk rock sound. The title was perfect punk poetry, and every track offered a slap in the face.
Additional Text From: www.punkrock77.co.uk and www.stivbators.com

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