Saturday, June 09, 2012

Drug Free Youth - The Avocado Index ( Nowhere Street 2012 )

Second release from "mysterious" Greek artist "Drug Free Youth" on The cool Greek  Record Label "Nowhere Street Music". Excellent retro-future garage psychedelia for mind and body. Check this out!
The LP comes in limited pressed black and green vinyl and also on CD. The artist demanded to be also available for free in MP3 format.
More Info and orders: 


Anonymous said...

mediafire link doesn't work

punkdeleimon said...

sorry but the link comes from the artist himself, not this blog.
check this out as well:

Anonymous said...

hi to all -the mediafire link is deleted because free downloading is enabled now in the bandcamp page (available in mp3 320 & some other formats as well)

george (drug free youth)