Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blue Orchids - The Greatsest Hit (Money Mountain) ( Rough Trade 1982 )

Post-Punk psychedelic pop classic from Manchester in 1982

his Manchester quartet, which included two early members of the Fall — guitarist/singer Martin Bramah and keyboardist Una Baines — used organ as its main instrument, but at times on The Greatest Hit it sounds as if Baines is playing a different song from the rest of the band. There are many overlapping layers in the deceptively simple sound; the long organ washes are interrupted by guitars lurching to the fore. Bass and drums keep the steady beat, but the others don't necessarily fall in line behind them. Vocals are half-sung, half-spoken and full of poetic pretense, but it's the mesmerizing music that captures the listener in bright swirling folds. While The Greatest Hit can be simply tagged as neo-psychedelia, that doesn't cover the full scope of this fascinating band's music.


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Martin Bramah new group, Factory Star, have just released their debut album 'Enter Castle Perilous' on Occultation (www.occultation.co.uk). Album preview:


...Long organ washes, lurching guitars, half-sung half-spoken vocals...