Friday, December 18, 2009

The Fall-Outs - s/t ( Super Electro 1992 )

1st full LP from this truly addictive U.S band back in 1992. Straight punky garage n roll joy in twelve steps for those who like it simple!


Anonymous said...


One of my favs from a real underrated band.Pretty girl kicks some serious ass. All their records are great. I was going to post this myself but never got around to it. Great record, great blog,keep up the good work.

Alessandro said...

Best underground-rock blog in the world! ever!

punkdeleimon said...

Cheers to all and happy new year!

Does anyone know what are all these Chinese crap comments mean?

Jon. said...

^spam and more span. i would begin moderating your comments or you'll get them on all your posts with no way to remove them. Anyways, good post I saw their vinyl once for like $5 didn't buy it. regret it now. thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...


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indiefuck said...


Eli said...

please reuploaded? dyin' to hear this!

punkdeleimon said...

the file is still active

Ding Pression said...

Awesome! These guys rock in the most wicked way possible. Thanks for another stellar post.

Anonymous said...

well done old chap!

Anonymous said...

Please, Re Up!!