Saturday, March 15, 2008

Les Bof - Un Disque Maxi e.p ( Copasetic 2007 )

Scotland based and French Speaking here are the magnificent LES BOF! Four Garage Shakers here including the classic dynamites "Fortune Teller"and " I can only give you everything" as you have never heard them before! Enjoy:

Wow!! First ya gotta see this 45 to believe it! Glossy hard stock cover, totally looking like a french 6ts ep!! Ace picture cover of the band looking cool! Then you drop the needle in the black groove & out comes some superb french sung beat, performed by members of THE THANES, THE NUKES & PRESTON PFANZ!! Hey, you ask your fave record dealer, these bands hail from scotland!! French beat? Yep, singer Laurent from Marseille with his mighty vox, and his backing pounds out some premium beat, incl. coverversions of "I can only give you everything", "fortune teller" or "watch your step"! Get this debut 4-track ep now! Can't wait for a longplayer!


hdvns said...

Tres bon!
Merci beaucoup!!

limburg said...


As usual in your Blog

punkdeleimon said...

Cheers folks!!

dd said...

+ I Can Only Give You Everything (Scott/Coulter)

+ ronnie bird 1966
chante (I Can Only Give You Everything)
T.Scott - P.Coulter / Ronnie Bird

regards !