Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Fleshtones - Roman Gods ( I.R.S 1982 )

"Roman Gods" (IRS 1981) is another spectacular example in this style: derivative but irresistible, passionate and involving. "Right" (an unstoppable garage-rocker) and "Roman Gods" (an almost epic instrumental) are obvious references to the music of the 60’s. This tribute reaches its zenith with "Let's See the Sun," a memorable reinvention of surf music. Many other tracks sound like eccentric mutations/variations on those same premises from the rockabilly march of "World has Changed" to the Animals-esque hymn "I've Gotta Change My Life." The epic aura and tribal hints of "Shadow Line" that recall the Talking Heads' neurotic rhythms and the silly soul march of "Stop Fooling Around" (so reminiscent of Paul Revere) contribute to make this album one of the masterpieces of the decade, one of those records that managed to renew once more the recurring white re-interpretation of black music - i.e., the real essence of rock and roll. Peter Zaremba, by selectively recovering and dismissing elements of that early sound, found his own original and powerful songwriting style - which can be called rock'n'roll revival only on a superficial level."
(Additional text from: www.scaruffi.com)


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