Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Thanes - The Complete Undignified Noblemen Sessions" CD ( Teen Sound 2005 )

Originally released in 1997 and pressed only on vinyl by Misty Lane, Undignified Noblemen has
transferred onto CD, bonus tracks intact by Teen Sound in 2005. Dig it:

"The Thanes have been one of Europe's top Beat acts since the mid 80's. Their fabulous 1997 album (originally released only on LP) is finally available again on CD, along with 6 killer tracks taken from the same recording sessions, and later released onto various singles in the past years (on the Corduroy, Larsen and Do The Dog labels). Not only this a garage-beat and folk-punk sound masterpiece, but the new mastering adds even more energy to the tracks for your listening pleasure. New artwork don't miss this release since it's a limited edition! "Having cut one stirring song after another, it's fair to say that everything the Scottish band has recorded is worth seeking out. Formed of cocky vocals, raspy fuzztone guitar riggings, and swarms of needling melodies, 'Thrown Away the Key' and 'The Winner' evoke the authoritative aggressiveness of bands like The Standells and The Underdogs. Dizzy keyboard figures guide the gig on 'What's It All For,' giving the tune a swinging beat that's simply irresistible. The disc also boasts covers of The Caretakers of Deception's 'X + Y = 13' and The Guess Who's 'It's My Pride' both channeled with comparable style and taste. Soaring harmonies pinned against jangly, six-string licks further make for some mighty good listening. Alive with heart, soul and honesty, this just may be the best 60's garage rock album not recorded in the 60's!" -
(Additional text: Kool kat music)


hdvns said...

Thanks for another great Thanes, mate! I kind of think I like 'Folked Up...' better, but this is certainly plenty good. And I'll keep listening, and listening.

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