Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Mojomatics - A Sweet Mama Gonna Hoodoo Me ( Alien Snatch 2004 )

Here are the Mojomatics from Italy! Its frantic & Wylde RnB all the way down to your speakers!
If you like the early White Stripes sound, check this out! The crude Italian job!!!
"Oh sweet lord!! Couldn't believe my ears when I popped this one in the player! Out of my brandnew speakers came some of the most intense sound I heard since long!! Thanks to Daniel of Alien Snatch fame this record is now available for the masses! Kicking off with the stunning opener "my mojo starts workin' now" this platter contains 16 dirty Mississippi delta's bluespunk tracks by a duo from Venice/Italy! And the hits go on'like "its such a shame"'what a bonecrunching song! Stolen by "shapes of things to come" this is a harpwailing 6ts buzzsaw scorcher!. Nothing can stop these guys'! Listen to "kiss me when I'm old & pray for more! One of these songs that you put on your carstereo tape 10 times in a row!! What a piece of art this record is'even the coverart, done by Grego, is an eyepoppin' monster! Buy 10 of this & burn yer x-mas tree'this one smokes!"
(Additional Text From: Soundflat)


gadalf said...

sigharitiria gia to blog,poli kali douleia...kana neo gia billy childish??kseroume an tha erthei???

punkdeleimon said...

o billy childish anavlithike apo osa xerw,
den exei akoustei kati gia nea hmeromhnia.

Tom Venexian said...

hi, erm they are NOT from Venice. They are from Treviso, a dreadful stiff upper lip cos i just got rich selling my farming products countryside town near Venice.
And, sorry to diss them, but they are so up their own arse, i dont like them anymore.

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