Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Strollers-Falling Right Down (Low Impact 1999)

The Strollers Released " Falling Right Down" LP In 1999 On Low impact Records Fully Recorded With 60s Equipment. Raw, Crude And Farfisa-Driven Captures In The Late 90s That Unique Sound And Feeling Of The Early Sixtees Garage Bands. Excellent!!!

In 1992, a gang of thirteen year olds started out playing Chuck Berry covers under the name Free Force. They soon changed personnel and became The Strollers.Before long they had built up a good reputation, playing 60´s punk at dances and parties. When asked about influences the band mentions Music Machine, The Seeds, The Sonics and Monks but also Unrelated Segments, Bernie Boys, Dukes of Dixieland and Kenny & the Kasuals.Summer -97 one of Low Impacts founding fathers stumbled upon a gang of street punks, looking like they recently arrived from the mid sixties. As a result of this meeting The Strollers made their debut record which was a 7" EP.In April -99 the bands debut album "Falling Right Down" was released. 11 new originals recorded on equipment from the sixties to get the right sound. The album was produced by the Strollers.The Strollers recorded a second album, titled Captain Of My Ship and did their first and last European tour before they decided to call it a day.Their original brand of garage rock'n'roll are missed by many fans all over the globe.

Mathias Lilja now appears in the MaharajasHenrik Wind now plays keyboard with The PeepshowsMartin Karlsson has started a new band The Group DelusionPeter Kalin is now a lumber jacket but occasionally play Grateful Dead covers with some friends


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is there a link for download?

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its a bit old post. the link is deleted sorry.